talk to me about dallon

talk to me about the sweet Mormon boy with one of the biggest hearts on earth

the one who picks on his brothers like they’re still teenagers

the one who is loyal to no end and would have put his dream to the side to support his family and give them the life he wants them to have if it had come down to it

the one who gets so down on himself and thinks he isn’t good enough even though he couldn’t be anymore wrong

the one who has to step away and shrink into himself sometimes when it all gets to be too much

the one who still comes back no matter what because he’s a fighter

the one who worked and worked and worked till he made it when others would have given up long before

the one who’s always stuck to his guns even if it wasn’t always easy

the one who doesn’t care much for cursing and has the manners of an angel but still loves the three boys with the dirtiest mouths and minds who have become like family


Kaleidoscope Eyes | Panic! At The Disco

I’ve got an insatiable desire for your insides
It’s undeniable, I’ll conspire and pull against your body tonight

When your chips are down, and your drinks are all gone
I’ll still be here, wishing and waiting for you to come home
Kaleidoscope eyes sparkle at the world
My emerald city downtown girl
In the sickness of you, I’m just a white blood cell
Fighting like hell for you


the next time you feel bad for wasting money on something you know you probably shouldn’t have just remember that this is a thing that i actually own that i actually spent actual money on and hopefully your own life choices won’t seem as bad anymore


I Wanna Be Free | Panic! At The Disco

I wanna be free, I wanna be loved
I wanna be more than you’re thinking of
Everything seems to be estranged when you’re alone